Its good to dream.

“And it turns out that the giant marshmallow I had been eating was in fact my pillow, boy was my face red and hats going to have to be replaced quickly!”

It’s a strange thing, I was sitting around doing some reviews when the next thing I knew I had nodded off, which is a very rare occurrence for this writer. The reason for this cheeky mid-afternoon sleep was ‘Early Evening’ by It Hugs Back, the aural equivalent of candyfloss; such was its niceness but ultimate nothingness. It plinks along sweetly and has an interesting wee background fizz but on the whole, its rather yawnsome and lacking in interest. Its all too easy for bands to hide behind the mantle of dream-like and think it gives the licence to not do much.

‘Saving’ was an entirely different matter though, kicking on and mixing muted vocals with a buzzing guitar that Kevin Shields would have been proud of, if this had been the lead track, it would have been much easier to get into It Hugs Back from the start but who knows, perhaps sitting through the dull song first made the second appear sparkier and more lively than what it really is. Either way, it’s a pretty slight package on show here and you’d be better grabbing the latter of the two tracks only.