You can’t help but think that this band is just a clone copy of a number of bands before them. They lack a degree of inventiveness in their wake, and their music becomes, very quickly, a monotonous bore.

“Fear Of Assault”, had it been released by someone like Klaxons for instance, would probably be proclaimed a triumph but the fact that it falls to a virtually unknown tribute band doesn’t make it half as exciting. In reality it’s a big turn off.

Despite the Nu-Rave revolution being, for the most part, successful, Damn Shames latest release doesn’t strike as being anyway, mind-blowing or miraculous. In fact it draws a fairly pedestrian reaction from the listener.

The heavy bass, the electro screeches and scrapes, the bubbly beat and the funky guitars; there’s no doubting Damn Shames have the core elements right when it comes to writing music, but it’s just a pity that it’s too much like everything that’s been done before. They need to be more creative.