Taking back Sunday • Louder Now Part II

When it comes to live albums, they are like Marmite, you either like them or you don’t. I believe there are two types of live album. The first is released as a way for the band to be able to reach those that were unable to attend a live gig and for this purpose usually have the entirety of the concert including the small chit-chat that all bans do. Then there are albums such as this one ‘Louder Now Part II,’ which has a different purpose. This one is comprised of just the tracks, none of the meaningless small talk, just track after track of well-prepared songs. Each track gives the band the ability to prove themselves not just as talented musicians that can release a good CD, but as talented musicians that have the ability to play and perform live, and most importantly entertain an audience.

About half way through, I completely forgot that it was a live album I was listening to as the level if screaming fans dropped dramatically between intervals where they could only really be heard in the first place. There were the few occasions where clapping fans could be heard, or their participation in singing. The bands vocals are interesting, as they remain consistent all the way through. The harmonies between two individuals stand out as one of the more focused and accurate elements on this release. On ‘Spin’ in particular the vocals complement each other very well by becoming darker in their presence.

The talented musicians here were able to keep this listener interested all the way through. Each track was set alight; some had elements that made the track explode with eagerness, others built up to the climax and most of all, my pen was kept a tapping with captivating beats and hooks, catchy bass pounding with sharp guitars. The most interesting thing about this one was the last number. If you can believe it, ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, an acoustic track packed with laughs during each verse.

This album is a good reason to stay in bed and entertain the day away. The DVD will so be a worthwhile watch.