This will spread.

Very rooted within the sounds of now, with clattering double-time hi-hats chattering all over the tune and plinky high guitar melodies, there is something that sets this tune above the rest of the new-new-wave army. ‘Balloons’ isn’t afraid to get evil in amongst the club-friendly rhythm, and also dabbles with the use of unconventional ‘now’ band sounds, such as the saxophone… Trip rockers Morphine would be proud…

Let’s not shoot down a new band just because they’re new, and part of their sound fits within fashion. Only time will say whether we’ll be looking back on this in a year’s time with denial and a wee shudder. If Nostradamus were to listen to it, he’d probably say that, judging from what Foals have put on show, the act will slip away from the radar in under a year’s time. But short of being a medium, you never can tell. Taking the material at surface value, the single does everything it’s meant to, and pushes itself a step further than the others. Yes, the b-side sounds similar, but it’s only a b-side, you cranky old fool.

So for now, its really good and has a certain potency to it. But whether it will date quicker than bread will be seen in time, and could be as quick as just a few months.