Young, Free and Hugely Promising

Formed by a Glaswegian ex-convict and his Irish cousins, Urbnri have been compared to both Graham Coxon and The Streets, an odd selection of comparisons but one that makes sense when this track is heard.

The simple bass-led verses intertwine together with a relentless pounding drum beat and bass heavy choruses, which are characterized by the rapid and energetic vocal phrasings of front-man Kev Tait. Piled together with frequently catchy guitar lines make this a track well worth trying out.

This track brings together a mix of punk and indie with a slight hip-hop flavour and somehow manages to be very Britpop-esque but with a distinctly Celtic flavour. The result: it's hugely addictive and catchy.

Tait's vocal stylings are at times incomprehensible, but it's the kind of approach that suits the feel of this track

The remixes on the CD consist of an electro-styled effort and a house-flavoured,bass heavy remix. This means Urbnri are sure to be enjoyed by a significantly diverse audience, because the track sounds great in all three mixes.

Definitely one to listen out for on the dance floors of your local rock or indie night.