Beyond Redemption

Teenage sisters Kally and Tammy form Electrovamp, a carefully styled electro-rock duo stemming from South Wales. Their debut single, 'I Don't Like The Vibe In The VIP' is about as trashy as the title suggests with lyrics like, "I'll be your schoolgirl dream, I'll be your peaches and cream","I'll make you scream like you ain't done it in ages" and the piece de resistance "Have another shot and get naughty, naughty, but we better watch out we don't get caughty, caughty"; eloquent this is not, but it's certainly single-minded and these girls don't mince any of their filthy words. One must fear for the men of Wales with these two on the loose. The song is a pretty bog standard dance tune with funked up beats punctuated by whoops from the girls. There's a rapped section that recalls Peaches but Peaches had plenty more style behind her dirty drawl. It's a trippy floorfiller, except if most people heard this shallow nonsense coming, they'd rather sensibly vacate to the bar.

There's simply no value in this uninventive dross, let's hope the girls' mum catches onto their chart-topping plans soon and averts disaster for all of us, or that they grow up and learn that there's more to success than cheapening yourself on record.