Ma! get the gun

Oh for crying out loud! First off this isn’t an album, ok it has eight songs on it but the thing is a split cd between Misery Index and Mumakil and between them they can only chalk up thirteen minutes and twenty five seconds., including the literally titled ‘49 seconds of hate’ (it’s 49 seconds long and I hated it)

If your idea of music is being machine gunned by a psychopathic drummer whilst a wall of distorted guitars make lots of noise in the background overlaid by death metal grunting then this may float your boat. Personally I find it difficult to get into something that is so short and samey that I can’t tell where one song has ended and another has begun due to it changing every two minutes for something exactly the same.

If you’re reading this and shaking your head at how this sad reviewer just isn’t getting it then may I draw your attention to the emperor’s new clothes and how everyone thought there was something there that wasn’t.

Misery index can play I have no doubts on that score but can they make a listenable record? I put it to you on the evidence before me that they cannot. I haven’t heard anything by them before but I know they have a few releases out, if it’s all like this how have they lasted so long? Could they not make full length songs? Do they have any melodies up their sleeves or are they going to just machine gun the audience until there isn’t one? Want a very short wall of noise here’s your band.

Mumakil might as well be the same band but recorded for half the price, they didn’t manage to make a song over 1:49 and that opus gets lost in the general chaotic noise of the whole Mumakil contribution of 5:51 in four songs, when these guys play live do they do a short set or play a hundred and one songs, hmm actually they could just play these four over and over again no one would know.

As you can see I’m not really on the fence over this one, it has been a waste of my time listening to it and I hope I get the flu or something rather than have to listen to another thing by either band. If you can find somewhere that is selling it don’t pay over £3.99 for under 14 minutes of unintelligible crap.