Alice and her bunch lack the royal divinity...

It would be fair to say that this music is either extremely dated or well before it’s time…but it’s hard to decide which it is. Some people write music with congruity and that makes sense…and then there’s the other end of the scale.

Alice & The Majesty are at the other end of the scale; their music has no sense of pulse or musicality. It lacks foundation and logic. The vocals are following the current trend in the music scene…(Kate Nash, Adele, Duffy, Remi Nicole, Corinne Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse etc.)…and frankly it can be found a tad boring. Let’s face it, we have heard it all before, and the music industry is crying out for some groundbreaking and entirely fresh talent. The musicianship is rather sloppy, laid-back, too relaxed and clumsy. The musicians seem, for want of a better word, “lackadaisical” in the way they are playing. You couldn’t necessarily go as far as calling them incompetent because that wouldn’t be fair but you get the impression that they have a lot more to offer, but frankly they couldn’t be arsed. “I could love you” just doesn’t do it, it’s pretty boring and unoriginal. It would be very difficult to imagine it blowing anyone away! Maybe they should try to be a bit more inventive, be trend-setters instead of trend-followers.