Seek And Ye Shall Enjoy

A zany blustering punk bassline that could have come straight from The Ramones, matched with chique French vocals - welcome to the world to 1984. Single, 'Cache Cache' is a veritable musical maze filled with tricky guitar solos that leap out at you, skittering percussion that will lead you astray and rich, resplendent vocal cries. The name, meaning 'Hide and Seek' in French, is only too apt as the listener is shaken up by changes of pace, language and anything else the band can think of to add a flutter of excitement. A rip-roaring ride that matches jagged guitar work with smooth vocals.

B-side, 'Skandiska' is just as taut and engaging with a snarling guitar tone and booming spoken vocals, which are for the most part unintelligible but the stark instrumentation and spiky melody more than makes up for this, with a blissful section of euphoric warbling adding another off the wall twist. It's not the most gripping debut ever, but definitely eclectic enough to warrant more investigation of the band.