Holly Rose - I Don't Care

This song’s beat is typical of the words ‘I Don’t Care’. It simple, repetitive and with a reggae touch that brings more words to mind ‘sseeerrriously easy going’.

Holly Rose isn’t talking about being the only one daydreaming on the tube in Rush Hour, she’s singing about love and liking an anonymous lover ‘just the way you are’.

Talking about how indifferent you are to uptight squares are supposed to care about is pretty tired whatever form it takes. It’s also pretty typical.

This song feels like a blueprint of any song. There is a band and a girl singing but no meat on those bones at all.

Holly Rose is no Amy Winehouse. She hits all the notes, which isn’t hard, since they’re not adventurous, and keeps time with the band but the sound of her voice alone tells you nothing about who she is or what on earth this song is actually about.

The man (or maybe a woman?) she is singing too could be Jamaican, a New Yorker, Vietnamese, fat and bald or tall and mysterious.

This isn’t a love song or a ballad but has elements of both. It recalls just about everything about love ever sung by a woman and not in a good idea.