Madamoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia • Pain Disappears

Caro and Garcia have been well established DJs in Paris since the late nineties, now the duo are ready to take on the UK with their debut album.

‘Pain Disappears’ sees electro and rock fused together over 11 tracks. Their work is simple yet modern. The production seems minimal and economic, there is a definite indie edge. Overall, this album is boring, the songs go on for far too long and there’s not enough on the album to hold your attention.

Take opening track ‘Always You’ it lasts for over six minutes and you definitely feel the length of the song. By the time track three comes around I am bored stiff, wishing the album was over. However, the piano intro and ballad like qualities of track four, ‘Hold Me’ really does provide a welcome break, it’s a far more interesting track than the previous three and is the highlight of the album.

Simply put, this album is dull. There are not enough high points to justify listening to this CD that lasts for 70 minutes. I think Mlle Caro and Frank Garcia’s work would have been more effective if all the tracks were shorter. I’m not sure about pain disappearing but I certainly wish this album would disappear.