“Dannie” bursts straight into an up-down motion with a layer of philatelic synths which pile upon one another to construct a tower of peaking electro mess that dips in and out of an oi-oi regional dialect, not short of the rambling cry’s of Paul Daniel’s and his beckoning cry from an east end fruit stand.

“Dannie don’t’ go, Dannie please just stay” does strangely not become repetitive in the slightest despite the continuation of this microphone hogging under the falsely generated air of what sounds like a night at your latest oh-so hip electro night club.

Despite not really being one for this new electro-rave thing that’s going on at the moment, I am strangely attracted by the cockney rinsing of Silver’s bellowing vocals that could strip the paint from walls and send the teenage skins generation on a rampage through your local underage youth club armed with those awful godforsaken glow sticks, which in this case, beckon a light of positive hope in the dank synthesiser era.