So damn fine that these words feel sloppy...

Gliding, arching and sometimes nose-diving, this amazingly addictive single has an undercurrent that will suck you under into its elemental depths and keep you there. On the surface, there is nothing too startling, with typical band set-up, typical structure, and a melody that is within a mortal’s range. But the combination of all these little droplets of sound collide into one another with amazing results.

The reverb, delay and other guitar effects are all modest and in their right place, and in no way control the song, as they have the tendency to do in so many other examples. The tom-based drumming in the verse is steady, and, combined with the guitar and vocals, feels similar to Jeff Buckley and the sort of song-led artists that people worship.

The middle eight that is such a contrast of plinky guitars… All of it sounds very average in words, but the heart of this track rockets ‘Presume Too Much’ into flurry of colour and soul.

It demands candlelight. Maybe a drink. Maybe a smoke. The speakers should be shaking from the emotion. It is only right that you should know that past two listens, you may want to listen to nothing else.

Other musical greats of our age have paid homage to Merz (a.k.a. Conrad Lambert), all tipping their hats to his prior work. Since running from the limelight and now three albums down the line, it is about time that his work is absorbed by more.