The Secret Handshake • Gamegirl

After recently touring the UK with the likes of The Rocket Summer, The Secret Handshake a.k.a Luis Dubuc thought it about time he focused his thoughts and efforts on the music lovers over here in UK. He begins his efforts to put an impact on us with the release of his debut single ‘Gamegirl’.

This song is running alive with electronic dance beats that make me want to get on my feet and move. It sounds like one of those songs you get when someone attempts to remix a pop tune for the dance floor. It has full lyrical lines, rather like a narrative being told. Luis’s vocals echo within the music, which suits the track perfectly. The ending is electric and you’ll love it.

The Secret Handshake has created an outstanding dance tune in the form of ‘Gamegirl,’ it is a great track to play up loud on your sound system.