Green Man says go

Let me take your time to take a little extract of the press release included with this CD. “Some bands form with the aim to write earth-shattering, socially relevant music. Some form just for the hell of it, and aim to simply have as much fun as is humanly possible. Green Man Say Go! Fall squarely into the last category.”

A comment lacking such passion sounds reminiscent of a supportive parent who quite clearly knows that their child is completely lacking any skill in their chosen sport, but yet they choose to support them because they love them and don’t want to break the harsh truth to their talent absent offspring. But as Inhousepress (record label) watch their little sprog product of humiliation run onto the field of music, they are greeted with the sense of achievement that although their child didn’t win, or even finish, they certainly gave it their best shot. Poor man’s Klaxons? No, just poor man.