The answers in the name

I rushed this to the turntable with some anticipation, having heard much hype about Pete Doherty & his ‘Libertines’ exploits I was expecting something special. Imagine my disappointment when I was confronted with ‘Housemartins’ style guitars & rather lack lustre vocals contributing to an all round 80’s indie feel. There’s nothing new or exciting about this record; infact it’s a bit boring & towards the end just degenerates into a bit of a ramble from Mr Doherty.
B-Side ‘The Man Who Came To Stay’ is a much more interesting proposition, quirky dischordant guitar parts are complimented by vocals sung with much more feeling than the a-side. As with so many other bands I can’t understand why this is not the lead song. There is promise in there but when all’s said & done I fail to see what all the fuss is about.