Follow that Star

“Wham! Bam! Hit me man!” can be the only way to describe the opening track “Noone Wins The War”. It’s a wall of sound that has you looking for the bombs. With this number Reuben achieve something very rare, as the vocals, when compared to the instruments, have a strange kind of softness. The heavy hitting sound should blow these away, but not only can they be heard as their own entity, they work with the music. And in Horror Show” there is a Jim Morrison style seduction from the tense vocals especially towards the end.

“Stuck In My Throat” has a plethora of sounds in one song, from manic metal to an almost anthem style. “Oh The Shame” continues the metal theme, a bit more bombastic than the last track. This is followed by “Fall Of The Bastille” which continues with all the frenetic energy you can expect from this band. Not for the fainthearted would be the call on these three.

“Freddy Krueger” is an almost rounder edged sound, but make no mistake it has an edge. Razor sharp? Yes, Freddy would love it. Then there’s “Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife” - another great rock/metal sound; listen out for that physical tension that creeps in without you realising it.

“Eating Only Apples” and “Our Song” are powerhouse tracks, which have a great display of bass and drum work. On “Our Song” these guys must be one of the few groups that could sing “I’m so fucking bored” and totally sound it, yet leave you begging for more.

“Lets Stop Having Fun” hits you with superb opening lyrics “Of all the things that you do best, disaster makes you happiest” [Sounds like a cheesy rhyme to me –Ed] and again that switchback of styles that Reuben are so good at.

“Missing Fingers” and “Wrong And Sorry” Bring up the big gun sounds again. These numbers stamp all over you, stand you up, and stamp on you again. Excellent. And “Song for Saturday” is yet another great number. It seduces with vocals that play you like a fish. Superb drumming is the framework over which these vocals are draped.

“Moving To Blackwater” is the only track that seems bland in comparison to the rest of the album. That’s not to say it isn’t good, but just not as good as the other numbers, like “Parties Break Hearts” which has a more traditional rock sound to it. With great switchbacks again, especially in the vocals, from a sensuous huskiness to a scream.

The last track “Dusk is sufficiently anthem like in sound that there’s no way a crowd would not sing this one. Oh! But such a beautiful ending to it with that Jim Morrison touch that will send a final shiver down your exhausted spine!

The mix of sounds in this album, are a great testament to Reuben’s abilities to be different without sounding as if they are trying to find a direction. They know where they’re going. Go with them.