Captain - Keep An Open Mind

Captain have made a pre-emptive strike on music! Quick duck for cover and put your hands over your ears!

Lead singer Rik Flynn can order you to ‘keep an open mind’ as much as he wants, and whilst you’ll try to it’s difficult not to think that he’s taken his troops deep into musical no mans land. Here they stand halfway between indie pop shmaltz and piano tinkling Jamie Cullum-esque coffee house oblivion.

A little bit of guitar here, some polished boy next door vocals there, plus just a wee bit of piano and Captain have succeeded in making one of the most boring songs of 2008.
Things start off badly and get progressively duller so by the time they start rhyming the words cool and school you can almost picture the five of them waving white flags as they surrender their credibility.

If music was the army this Captain would be due a court martial and ultimately I fear the firing squad.