Cajun Dance Party - The Race

You dancing? Because Daniel Blumberg and his chums are asking.

‘The Race’ is the latest single from the indie upstarts debut album ‘The Colourful Life’. And if this generically mediocre track is in anyway a standout from the aforementioned full length effort then frankly it’s doubtful you’ll be enticed into making it a purchase. There is a lot wrong here and at the same time almost nothing.

Vocally it veers from the Futureheads to I Was A Cub Scout whilst the bassline and synths scream Maximo Park. It’s a hybrid of styles which succeeds only in underlining how uninspired ‘The Race’ actually is. Cajun Dance Party might be inoffensive but this has all been done before and better • it’s like copying your smarter mates homework in primary school. Disappointingly however, in the music industry there isn’t a despotic headmaster overseeing proceedings because if there was Cajun Dance Party would be thanking their lucky stars corporal punishment was ditched in the mid-80’s.

Let’s hope their disco moves are better than their musical credentials . . .