The Xcerts - Do You Feel Safe..I do in their hands

There is a youthful energy and confidence that surrounds The Xcerts on their second release, a double A side of ‘Do You Feel Safe’ and ‘Listen. Don’t Panic’.

After progressing as much as possible back home in Aberdeen, this Scottish three-piece headed for bigger shores and found themselves in Brighton; with all that sea air to breath in the lads were able to let creativity run wild and free. What have been produced are some excellent tracks.

The two songs on this release are full of pop rock elements, wonderful melodies and riffs to knock you off Brighton Pier. The first song, ‘Do You Feel Safe’ is ripe with electric guitar beats, has a vigorous tone and vocals that have tapped into an inner passion. ‘Listen. Don’t Panic’ is slightly more placid and easy-going to an extent. Placed side by side they complement each other greatly.

When double A-side’s involved, you expect one track to shine above the other. On this occasion, each lights the path brightly for the future of the band.