Hamfatter - Do Something Stupid Tonight

With a song called ‘Do Something Stupid Tonight’ it’s clear from the off Hamfatter aren’t claiming to be the smartest thing to come out of Cambridge. Ostensibly a short sharp ska influenced summery pop song about boozing and brawling, Hamfatter are that rare thing - a perfect three minutes of fun band.

Lyrically lead singer Eion O’Mahony sits side by side with the likes of Jens Lekman and Darren Hayman in that he’s capable of taking the mundane things in life, finding humour in them and transforming it all into song. There’s little to criticise about this; even the repetitive ska beats seem to work well with the groups stripped down back to basics sound.

How far Hamfatter go is dependant solely on how long they can continue to string together witty observational songs about everyday life like this one. If they can keep it up they’ll go far and judging from this effort have a bloody good laugh along the way.