Device - Obstacles and Playgrounds

Since forming two years ago, Device have been creating tracks that are powerful, have passionate rock elements, full of liveliness and memorable lyrics but more importantly, tracks that would be hard to pigeonhole.

To give listeners a taste of what to expect from such a talented band, they are about to release their debut album ‘Obstacles and Playgrounds’. This album is created from a collection of the tracks that they have produced over the last few years. It begins with the rhythmic guitar riff of ‘An Automatic Fear’ in which a softer beat begins before becoming upbeat and fast paced. Gradually this number begins to feel quite dark.

Fast paced tracks such as ‘Motion Sickness’ with its frantic beat and ‘Scattered Fall’ with a rolling beat and an ecstatic electric guitar solo are quite something. Then you have ‘Public Show’ with two overlying riffs that run parallel to each other yet never intertwine; this is an excellent start to what becomes an electric number. Then there is ‘Evacuate’ which has a punchy riff dropping to a slower sound but still remains high paced and catchy.

There are also some slower tracks present on this album, to provide a diverse atmosphere when listening. The subtle pings and obvious bangs that are on ‘A Decade In’ warm you up for something electrifying, ‘Slow’ which is actually that to begin with but later takes on a darker and more intense ambience and ‘Whilst We’re On The Subject’ has a powerful instrumental to knock your socks off.

Vocals that can be expected on this record are passionate and energetic in the aim of wanting to make the tracks a great listen to all. At times they can be quite electric, at other times slower and slightly strained while poppier on the title track. The harmonies that are present on ‘A Decade In’ really stand out, and are more soft rock in comparison to the majority of the tracks. The catchy “what are you waiting for…” hook on ‘Reflections’ is something to take notice of.

As a debut I think the lads of Device have created something that will make listener take note of this band.