Hadouken - Declaration Of War

What began as vocalist, songwriter and producer James Smith combining ideas and creativity with Daniel "Pilau" Rice at Leeds University has developed into something of a new sound for the music industry. I have previously had the pleasure of reviewing one of the bands earlier singles ‘Liquid Lives’. Nearly a year later I am reviewing another single from their debut album ‘Music for an Accelerated Culture’.

This is an amazing track and one I honestly didn’t expect to be so attracted to. There is so much ambition within the tune. I have been known to stand away from the electro status of some tracks, but where this one incorporates some techno elements and samples from Nintendo Game Boy sounds, I am pleased to announce I love this track. The element that stands out the most though is the combination of vocals, and the way in which they support the musical structure.

This is going to be a huge anthem in the coming months.