Bunny Boiling Time

The Hair have a stupid name. I'm sure there's some fantastic, breathtakingly good reason for it, and I'm sure that to the band themselves it sounds heavenly, but to everyone else it's rubbish.

Of course, luckily for The Hair, this rant ends the minute the disk is inserted into the player and the outstanding intro to 'Brick Supply' sounds through the speakers. Opening line "Oh my God, I can't do anything right" couldn't be any further from the truth here, as The Hair power through a blistering three minutes of alt-pop wonderment. This is a new band with more than a little originality, more than a little determination, and more than a little talent.

The rest of the EP follows suit. 'Left Foot, Right Foot' is an upbeat, groovy number, with the synth intertwining well with the more conventional guitar-bass-drums line-up and the mesmerising lead vocals, which supply a slight Hot Hot Heat taste to the music. 'Jigsaw Ballad' sees the keyboards shine through and has a truly memorable vocal melody, while closing piece 'Bunny Boiler' sees The Hair venture into more experimental, dance-orientated ground.

It's a fantastic impression of things to come from this band. Haircuts is a sublime EP, with four beautifully-crafted, well-thought-out songs. If this lands in the hands of the right people, we could be hearing a fair bit more from this lot.