You can do Athletics, BTW

A friend of mine recently discovered that he is about to become a father. When faced with the prospect of impending fatherhood he suddenly became wary of all the horrible things he’d said about various people’s ailments over the years. Chris Rock famously said that whatever you hate will end up in your family. “If you hate gay people, you’re going to have a gay son. You hate Puerto Rican’s? One day your daughter will come home with Living the Vida Loca!”

If I ever reproduce, there’s a fair chance that my spawn will end up wearing skinny jeans, have an interesting haircut and listen to fast paced indie music masquerading as ‘interesting and innovative’, whilst waving their hands around in an effeminate fashion.

Now, I don’t know what ‘We are the Physics’ look like, and quite frankly I don’t care. However, I am currently listening to their single ‘You can do Athletics, BTW’. Apart from a horrendously bad band name, and indeed single title there really isn’t very much wrong with a pretty fantastic little track.

It’s fast paced (not like above), and slightly punky in its rhythm but what I really like about this song is its chorus. It’s like a throw back to one of my favourite songs of last year: Ddiamond. I can’t really say much more about the band, whether this is their first single/album/decent song (the B-side isn’t) or anything, but there is definitely something here.

It is unmistakeably indie, and I am sure that in future years, small armies of my offspring will congregate in arty places, flicking their hair to and fro listening to it. And you know what? If they can prize their wallets out of their unfathomably skinny jeans to buy more ‘We are the Physics’ albums, I could just about deal with it.