The Favours • One Up On You

‘One up on you’ contains a self indulgent absence of artistry. The songwriting points to bands like Placebo. The quality points to terms like ‘amateur’. This has been thoroughly exercised across every aspect of production and post-production. The track is shot through with noise. Even worse the elements are slightly out of time, taking a nail file to my nerve endings. Even the artwork is just a little bit rubbish.

Frontwoman Sara Sanchez is talented, but all too keen on the high pitched repetitive delayed Tatu ugliness. Even worse, there are elements of their music which could work. But they need to be laid out on a table and thrashed to hell before they will ever work any kind of magic. The Favours have received critical acclaim, but not from anyone worthy of respect. Don’t bother buying this track, but keep an ear to the ground, there is still hope.