Fairly Forgettable

Singer/songwriter Padma's debut single is a gentle, lulling affair with acoustic guitar burbling away and soft vocals with a hazy, nostalgic edge. "And you never know quite what you're going to get with a girl like you," sighs the singer in this tender indie ballad with a deeply sentimental slant. After a long day's work, it's the kind of music that has a tendency to bleed into the background and have a somnolent effect, but it's far from displeasing. B-side, 'Throw My Drugs Away' is a softer, more gentle tune with whispered female backing vocals that seem to melt into the track and delicate synth notes that seem to hang on for hours. Unfortunately it's also a fairly forgettable number and unlikely to win Padma any fans. Padma has been a practising Buddhist for over 10 years but decided against joining an Order because he disliked the order; if this single is anything to go by, he could do with releasing his spirit a little more and discovering something really unique before he makes anymore music.