Kainam • Seven

Bands with made up words for names such as ‘Inacun’ or ‘Kainam’ receive my condescending sympathy. Sure, these days it’s hard to find a band name that works which isn’t already in use, but you don’t have to invent a meaningless ‘rock’ word in exasperation.

The artwork is pretty poor; a picture of the lead singer’s head superimposed onto Daniel Craig’s James Bond body. The title fonts don’t work and all of this has the poor colour quality indicative of home PC printer.

And yes, they do play the sort of music that you might expect. At least it’s not pure thrash metal, but it is yr average nu-metal/rock faire. ‘Voices in my head’, sounds like a poor Linkin Park cover, rapping included. Track 2; ‘Seven’ opens up with a pretty decent guitar solo, which is quickly sidelined. All in all this is a respectable release. There are areas which they could tidy up and I probably wouldn’t set out to buy it, but for a small band it does some justice.