Alabama 3

The Brixton based genius that is Alabama 3 can really do no wrong. In celebration of their unique career, the band release ‘Hit’s And Exit Wounds’, an album which encompasses the highlights alongside new material in the form of collaboration with Orbital on ‘Ska’d For Life’.

After 19 years, and 6 studio albums, they are still as strong and relevant as ever. The simple fact is they are a fantastic band with fantastic songs. Unusually though, in all this time together they’ve never been massive in the commercial sense. Although extremely well known, the Brixton boys and girl continue to keep their feet firmly on the ground. They play local small venues as well as selling out the big ones and there’s not an ounce of pretension amongst them. They’re just really nice and yet massive, but not, if you see what I mean.

Well, whatever I mean, it doesn’t actually matter, what matters is whether this new little gem of a best of is worth buying and this pretty much depends on a few things. Basically if you’ve been a fan for a while you’re probably going to own most of these tracks. It’s full of all the classics, ‘Woke Up This Morning’, ‘Mansion On The Hill’, ‘U Don’t Dance To Techno’, ‘Aint Goin To Goa’, ‘Too Sick To Prey, ‘Peace In The Valley’, really the list is endless.
If you’ve perhaps only got the one record or none at all, then this is an absolutely must have purchase. I won’t go into too much detail with the songs, we already know them. I’ll simply say they’re funky; they make you want to dance, find peace and harmony and generally adopt a full blown hedonistic lifestyle. There’s a bit of gangster attitude thrown in as well amid the dodgy fake American accents, but let’s not go into that.

I better add, if you’re not actually familiar with this band a little description regarding they’re sound and in the words of Larry Love I’ll go for the predictable, it’s ‘Sweet Country Acid House’, roughly translated into gorgeous funk, soul, blues and acid house beats. It’s music that will engulf your senses and transform even the squarest of people into a peace loving hippie.

I don’t know why but Alabama 3 have a sort of infectious quality about them, they’re just beyond cool. For this reason alone ‘Hits And Exit Wounds’ is worth the cash, not only is it the perfect party compilation, it’s the perfect antidote to a bad mood, a rainy day, a sunny day and well, pretty much any excuse you can think of.