Review Vampire Weekend • Oxford Comma

Imagine what would happen if Morrissey ever got chirpy enough to decide to sing a lullaby in an American accent, accompanied by the Budweiser band playing a two-step rhythm. An interesting picture isn’t it? ‘Oxford Comma’ looks a bit like that picture.

A gentle bop-along melody complements the falsetto vocals and staccato drum tattoos. I have absolutely no idea what the lyrics are going on about, but they seem to work pretty well • although any American artist talking about something British tends to get be scouring it for inaccuracies.

NME has called Vampire Weekend the best thing to come out of New York since the Strokes. But no-one actually cares what NME think, so I’ll throw in my tuppence and you can quote that instead. This is a pretty good track, fun and interesting. It is far less annoying than their other single: A-Punk • which could have been squeezed out of the generic indie-rubbish toothpaste tube. But let’s not start talking about the ‘best’ of anything.