The Charlatans - You Cross My Path

The Charlatans seem to have been around since I can remember. They first released their TENTH album back in March as a free download from the XFM website, and now ‘You Cross My Path’ is being released in physical form for all those of you out there not liking the invasion of technology.

It was quite difficult to think of what to say in regards to this release. What we have here are some alternative rock tunes, some with a slightly more indie feel to them, but each having the fine vocals of Tim Burgess. As the album begins with ‘Oh! Vanity’ we are introduced to what this album is going to entail, some fun loving, steady yet sharp tracks.

To be honest, something a little livelier was expected. This album is rather bland as there is nothing that stood out and took my breath away. ‘Mis-takes’ for example went through its duration without me thinking anything other than ‘huh’. The more depressive side of the band and a song that touched me with the melancholy that was attached came from "My Name is Despair". This is a slower more mysterious and quite eerie number that was depressive in regards to the title and pounding drums.

The album has its catchy points in some areas. ‘You Cross My Path’ with its space intro became really catchy with the “I will rise again,” chanting. Likewise, ‘Missing Beats (of a Generation)’ clearly shows there is plenty of talent within the band with its lyrical lines. ‘This is the End’ with its indie chorus and guitar instrumental shows there is a lot of ability within these lads.

Other than these very few points of interest the album is really quite lifeless. If I were to be completely honest, The Charlatans seem more of a live band. A band that when on a stage with screaming fans singing along to all their music they would probably be in their element. As an album, it lacks the atmosphere are electricity running through out. Other than that, with the history and following this band has, ‘You Cross My Path’ is very likely to still be a massive and memorable hit for the Charlatans.