The Thirst - Sail Away

In a mist of these indie rockers such as the Kooks, Artic Monkeys, One Night Only and many many more, there is another bright and energetic young band on the scene. Well what do you know; Brixton does have a few good points after all, with reference being of course to The Thirst and their new single ‘Sail Away’.

This one stands out with the jumpy guitars and bouncy drums. The track is driven by vocalist Mensah, singing about getting far far away with someone close. In regards to the area their hailing from, I don’t blame them. After having listened to this track repeatedly for at least half an hour, there is something familiar about it that I just cant place my finger on. All that can be said is that ‘Sail Away’ is a sing-a-long tune, pure and simple • well worth a listen.