Sonic Film Noir

‘Nasty Thoughts’ is the debut single from Brighton based outfit The Scarlet Street Resistance, who play heavily on the film noir genre (from whence we assume they get the name). The fact that they do everything in character is both amusing and novel and successfully gives them that air of mystery.

To really get the full effect from the Scarlet Street Resistance you need to watch the videos that accompany the songs, it adds a whole new dimension and really captures the whole film noir feel (a quick search on Youtube should do the trick). Taken as a stand alone track ‘Nasty Thoughts’ is an upbeat number with a distinct dance feel to it. It has that kind of uber cool vibe about it that some bands just seem to be able to do effortlessly whilst the rest of us look on with envy. The lead vocals from Scarlet are strong and impressive and the way she slides over the chorus is thoroughly engaging. It would be easy to throw in numerous musical influences here but that would give an unfair impression because whilst there are familiar elements the fact is that the Scarlet Street Resistance have come up with their own sound.

The accompanying live track is much more laid back and centres around a moody piano, taking you straight down to a prohibition drinking den. The underlying vocals of Mr Jones have a distinct (if slightly more tuneful) Tom Waits feel about them & the whole thing just reeks of smoke & whiskey. In the space of just two songs The Scarlet Street Resistance have indicated that they clearly have something good going on. Dark, atmospheric and altogether rather special, an impressive debut.