Can a Russian superstar make it in the British charts?

Valeriya is, by all accounts, a superstar in Eastern Europe. Which is possibly why very few people here will have heard of her. This is her first release proper on the Western music scene, which means that a lot hangs on this record (we’re probably talking financially as well as personally here).

This is out-and-out pop in the mould of a Girls Aloud and (the only other Russian exports I can think of) TaTu. Powerful, punchy, and brassy, surprisingly 'The Party’s Over' is an outstanding pop single by anyone’s standards. Catchy Annie Lennox style vocals belt out what is certain to be a hit both on the radio and in the clubs. We’re treated here to a couple of remixes as well as the album single. Somehow it manages to bridge the gap between dance music and a chartable pop single, so this has the potential for mass appeal. If TOTP was still being broadcast, Valeriya would have been booked instantly.

This is taken from the upcoming album Out Of Control, and it’s a stunning advance single. So, we may have spectacularly lost the Eurovision song contest to the Russians, but I’ll admit, they may have something on their pop scene at the moment. Valeriya’s release oozes professionalism and clean-cut production. It should do really, really well here.