Taken from the “difficult second album” ‘Years’, the Dorset boys latest single is ‘Tell Me A Story’.

It seems this band has certainly matured, but in a good way I’m not sure. When Secondsmile first hit the scene they combined their loves of Thursday, At The Drive In and Radiohead to create their own version of aggressive post rock. Now, they’re sounding like something the NME would gladly hail as the next best thing in music and something the rest of us would gladly ignore for being too bland. I’m afraid Secondsmile have lost their edge and any of that young energy that made them interesting to listen to in the first place.
As their press release says, the new sound is cleaner, meaner and crisper than ever and this is certainly true, the sound has been cleaned out so much there’s barely any originality left. ‘Tell Me A Story’ is something I wouldn’t give a second listen. So I don’t hold out much hope for the album either.