They call themselves N.Y.C’s bloodliest band, delivering an “Ultra-Horrific" death-march through the rotting R'n'R graveyard that's been described as "Horror Rawkillbilly"!!! I’m not entirely sure what that means so here’s a simpler version, psychobilly punk, goth rock purely for those that like the B-movie horror vibe.

If you’re a goth/rockabilly fan already then chances are you’ve been waiting for this release for a while - 'Curse Of The Psycho’ the latest from horror psychobilly punks Psychocharger.

‘Curse Of The Psycho’ kicks off with some horror movie intro speak, before going straight into a snarling vocal for the opener and title track of the album. Lyrics such as, “With a gun in my hands I will rock and roll” definitely some up what’s to come" with those surfy bass lines and gothic horror references totally remind me of cult TV hit The Munsters theme music. These songs are straight out of cult horror movies, they’re ridiculous yes, but I believe that’s the beauty in them. This music is tongue in cheek, it’s not serious, it’s not self absorbed and it’s certainly not pretentious. It seems Psychocharger just want to have fun.

As far as highlight tracks go my personal favourite has to be ‘Graverobbers From Outer Space’ purely because it’s hilarious, it’s got a cool driving bass line, it's skuzzy, the production is very low maintenance and the entire vibe just makes it perfect for a party atmosphere. In fairness all the tracks utilise this sound in some way, I think I’m just choosing because of the great names. So if that’s the case ‘Redneck Zombie’s’, ‘Ghoulfriend’ and ‘Invasion Of The Ballsnatchers’ get my vote too.
Another little bonus is that when you buy this album you actually get 19 tracks in special limited edition LP packaging. Unfortunately I have a promo copy sat in front of me, minus its case as it didn’t come with one and minus a few tracks too by the looks of things. So I have no idea what this special edition LP looks like. I can only imagine it’s kind of like an LP with their artwork on it. I’m sure it’s lovely though.

Too be honest, although I probably wouldn’t usually go for this type of music, quite frankly anyone that injects a little light relief into the music industry these days gets my vote. There’s times when you just need the crazy and the ridiculous, the light hearted and the oddities. Psychocharger certainly provide all of the above and more. I suggest the next time you feel gloomy, stressed or angry, stick on ‘Curse Of The Pyscho’ and just have a laugh.