Angelic upstarts

A solid follow up to the manic Talking Heads tinged "Hey Bunny".

Plundering the New Wave sound of the late 70's for influence, this 2 track EP sounds achingly 'now' , and in doing so presents itself with a problem : because there are so many similar sounding records about at the moment if a band is to make headway and distinguish themselves from the competition, they have to be exceptional, good isn't good enough. Whether this single will take Cherubs to where they want to be is doubtful, but it's a step in the right direction.

"Club Hoola Hoop's walls" is all scruffy guitars cut through with an admirable insouciant swagger from the lead singer: his vocals are distinctive and probably the bands strongest selling point, it just lacks the killer hook and touch of magic to permanently lodge itself into your psyche.

"This awful morning" has the same elements but is rather aimless and ultimately doesn’t gel, it deserves its place on the b-side.

A promising second single, but Cherubs need to produce better if their fate isn't to be also-rans in the current wave of art school indie rockers.