Sarabeth Tucek - 'Nobody Cares'

Another day, another singer-songwriter keen to make their mark with songs of heartfelt sincerity. However as this single from her self-titled debut demonstrates, New Yorker Sarabeth Tucek is a cut above the pack, ‘Nobody Cares’ being a reasonably punchy piece of alt-pop.

Ms Tucek has a touch of Aimee Mann about her vocals, lyrics characterised by their conversational forthrightness (i.e. bluntness) delivered in deliciously caramelised tones. Prime example being the unsympathetic impatience with the self-absorption of others displayed in the chorus of ‘Nobody Cares’ • ‘When you think you’re all alone in the world … It’s probably right, it’s probably true / ‘cause nobody cares as much as you do’. Cruel but fair.

B-side ‘Ambulance’ is considerably mellower, its gentle little melody picked out over a simple mesh of organ, banjo and mouthorgan. To be honest it feels half-done, but it does provide an effect foil to the self-confidence of ‘Nobody Cares’. Generally worth checking out.