Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire - A Fire Born In Dallas

‘A Fire Born In Dallas’ may be the debut single by Newcastle quintet Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire, but it is sure not to be the last.

They formed in 2005, but it has taken them this long to gain consideration for their music. Indie rock at one of its high points is what this track is. Beginning with a catchy little guitar riff that remains constant through much of the track is what first grabs the attention of a listener. As the track continues, the guitar rhythm makes for a vigorous performance, something uplifting where passions run high.

This is a simple track by a band just wanting to entertain to the best of their ability. There is nothing particular grasping or intriguing about it, besides the name of course, but it is a fun loving number, where the simplicity is all that is needed to be enjoyable.