Its magic you know.

The Kills may feature in the gossip column more than the music magazines these days but that is due to other circumstances as opposed to any lack of current quality from the band. Second album ‘No Wow’, whilst still having its moments failed to build on the spark of their debut record but recent album ‘Midnight Boom’ has been a step to righting some of the previous wrongs.

New single ‘Last Day of Magic’ brings Alison Mosshart back to the front of vocal duties and her passionate delivery pulls together all the separate elements and ties it up into a strong bundle.

Everything else you would expect from the Kills are still here, some distorted guitar, some menacing backing vocals provided by Jamie Hince, a sense of warning and ending in the lyrics and plenty of instrumental breaks showcasing the nervy yet talented edge from the duo.

The Kills are definitely a band that splits opinion and their inclusion into the world of Heat and OK! probably isn’t going to help them win over some people but not to worry. ‘Last Day of Magic’ is an excellent addition to their brand of dark and agitated rock and will appeal to many different listeners; they only need to give it a chance.