Sultry rock and roll.

The Black Keys create music that could be from any era; the new single ‘I Got Mine’ is one of those tunes that could be from the 60s, 70s or any ‘s it has a blues infused rock and roll feel but with a very present day edginess that stops it from being retro or dated. The production is crackly and grainy like an old vinyl record but it sounds intentionally made to sound that way which brings it into the here and now.

A clever tune but also a very good one; foot stomping beats, classic blues vocals, dirty guitars and clashing, harsh and insistent cymbal sounds from the drums make this a dusky, sexy and compelling tune strangely caught in a vortex of time periods. It washes over you in a kind of psychedelic haze but also pulls you up and makes you want to dance. Excellent stuff.