The Corrections • OCD

The second single from The Corrections debut album ‘Repeat After Me’ is the guitar filled ‘OCD’ about being against politicians who refuse to admit they are wrong.

This five piece “man band” has produced a track that is pure versatile pop music, wrapped in strong wildered melodies starting off with a flamboyant guitar riff and an obviously powerful drum section. The vocals seem strained but this just adds to the urgency of the track. The chorus, with lines such as the appealing “throw my hands up see how far they go, throw your hands up coz everybody knows” shows some remarkable writing abilities from the band.

‘OCD’ has the unique ability to act like PVA, gluing itself to a listener to the point that it was still playing on my mind later in the day. This is an excellent track to boost the world’s knowledge of this up and coming act.