Oh dear...

Well yes, with a title like that, an album cover that is essentially an old photo of a WW2 battlefield and a font that looks distinctly third reich in appearance, this band have clearly marked their territory. I suppose they are allowed to, being German after all.

The opening track starts extremely well. Some melodic synth that sounds quite haunting, with some tank sounds faded in. There's a military marching drum in there too which really brings the effect home. Feels good so far! The double bass pedal starts up and the suspense begins. Shall we be treated with an awesome moment of metal?


Most definitely not. Indecipherable lyrics, boring guitar riffs, a song that has a poor structure and little else. "Ordered Eastward" comes along and makes little progression from the first track. Im beginning to get quite bored. Perhaps "The Lake Ladgoa Massacre" will pick up where the sampled explosion at the end of the last track left off? Well, again, there's a fairly good start but it doesn't last. It's one slow, simple, boring riff after another. The vocals don't really change at all. There's no dynamics, no change in style or even pitch. It's all flat and guttural. There's some pace changes here and there but the only differences between tracks seems to be the different samples used.

Sure, there's an overall trend which does indeed continue throughout the entirety of the album; war and boredom. It's simply a fad, a selling point. There's nothing to this album musically at all. If you like wars and random samples then you could waste your money on this and perhaps listen to it a couple of times. But even the most die-hard metal-core fan isn't going to keep this one in their CD player.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh? Not really. Yeah, they can play a little and put together a song or two. Maybe if you are a die-hard fan of the genre you might find a small snippet of a song you like. But lets be honest, there's better out there than this. Why settle?

Don't bother wasting your time abusing your ears with this rubbish. Simply take the CD, turn it upside down and you have a usable coaster. It's probably the best use this excuse for an album will be put to.