Viva City Have Arrived

‘Kate Bush’ is the debut single from fast-rising Newcastle quartet Viva City.

The track mixes indie rock and electronica in a way that, although isn’t revolutionary, is sure as hell worth seeking out.

Vocally British alternative rock heavyweights Oasis, Kasabian and Stereophonics can be spotted as providing an influence, which creates a powerful performance that is difficult to ignore.

The track itself is a fifty fifty split between being rock and electronica, another nod to Kasabian. On listening to some of the more dance focused tracks on their Myspace site, fans of the much loved here at R13 The Whip, should find Viva City to their liking.

This lot have been taken under the wing of the Kosheen DJs, proof that their star is definitely rising. They also have a much acclaimed support slot with Boy Kill Boy under their belt, plus a monthly club night in Central London. If they can secure another support tour of a similar standing to that of Boy Kill Boy, and plug away at the uni circuit come the autumn, there’s no reason why Viva City shouldn’t continue to progress.

‘Kate Bush’ is released on June 23.

Their myspace site can be found