Rose Kemp - 'Nanny's World'

Rose Kemp is back with a new single, ‘Nanny’s World’ being the first taste from her forthcoming album ‘Unholy Majesty’. Kemp’s music has been called ‘folk-esque / heavy rock’, a label which doesn’t really help that much but which works well enough for now.

‘Nanny’s World’ is a strange little track, alternating between Kemp’s strident voice blaring out an indignant call to arms and a dissonant mash of electric guitars, held together by an insistent pummelled line of low Es. While the majority of the track billows with a mood of declamatory impenitence, Kemp neatly twists things by ending on an unresolved note of quiet brooding.

As a single, ‘Nanny’s World’ is a bit thin on the trimmings simply consisting of the song itself. To these ears however it’s both too much and not nearly enough • to be blunt, it sounds as though Ms Kemp is trying too hard while having very little to say. ‘Unholy Majesty’ is set to be released on the 1st of September.