A good start for newcomers Sacred Mother Tongue

Not quite sure what this band were trying to do, title wise, but it's a blindingly good start. Vocally, the first thing that hits you is the likeness to the Offspring. The lead singers voice is very similar though unlike the Offspring, there's some good metal guttural vocals thrown in for good measure. Again, it's a mixture of punk and metal and it works well together.

Sadly, quite often we get singles and albums that simply don't have a tune, a theme or a message. This single isn't like that. This EP has character, has passion and has some excellent riffs, with plenty of screaming guitar work and soaring vocals. The band claim that they are influenced by Tool and Metallica. I can't really see much of that in their work although after about half-way through the first track, the Offspring likeness begins to fade and the metal does indeed take full sway.

"The Suffering" supports the first track very well and does show a little of the Tool side, though only really in the vocal stylings. There's nothing dark or gothic going on here; it is pretty much straight forward heavy rock. Good licks, solos and a fairly standard beat.

The single is tight and a good listen. Despite the band coming from Milton Keynes (Satan's Lay-by!), the sound is exuberant and fun. I will await the new album with baited breath.