Nacional • Telephone/Yorkshire

Nacional, yes I have spelt that correctly, are a Glasgow based band, yet hail from all over the UK. Forming in November 2006, they have been working on building the band and creating an enjoyable sound together. The only other thing I really know about them is that they are signed to art/goes/pop.

This release is a double A-side of two reasonable good songs. Each of these is a post punk / indie melody. The first is ‘Telephone’, an upbeat indie number with a little rock part. The second track preset, ‘Yorkshire’ is another upbeat tune, has a repetitive underpinning guitar riff and punchy melody. The deep masculine vocals on ‘Telephone’ become slightly brighter for ‘Yorkshire’ but on both tracks they hover but never really land and get in sync with the music.

As I listened to these tracks I was never hit with any emotion, there was nothing that made me think these were exciting or even enjoyable. Sorry, there is nothing new.