Vile Imbeciles - Queenie Was A Blonde

Oh dear, where do you start with doing a review for this album? Well let’s try with the facts. Brighton based Vile Imbeciles release their debut album “Queenie Was A Blonde” on Tee Vee Eye records n July. That unfortunately is as good as the review gets for the south coast lads. You know things look bad when on the promotional leaflet that is sent with the album they include the quote “I would rather listen to Charlotte Church yodelling the new Hollyoaks theme” and that was one of the politer quotes!

The album is just unlistenable, a complete random mix of tunes thrown together, out of tune and out of key, to make a collection of thirteen tracks. The vocals do not help either but in honesty it is the music that destroys your listening pleasure. A perfect example of this is on the seventh track “The Empty Vessel” which appears to be a slow miss mash of any instrument they could get their hands on at the time.

The album starts with their recent single “Bad Ideas” which has been reviewed already here on Room Thirteen and does not need any more adding to it. There is one bright part on this album and that is the intro to the second song “Blind Truth”. It is actually quite rocky for the first five seconds before the weird rambling mix of music and monotonous drone of vocals all kick in again.

Sadly a lot of the songs on the album follow the same style and pattern which just lets the boredom come in and the desperate need to hit the skip button on a regular basis. Actually there is a big desire to hit the eject button instead.

I know having diverse bands like Vile Imbeciles is good for the music industry as they do tend to create something different to the norm but sadly this just does not work as an album. Maybe one or two of the songs from the album may be of slight interest but not the whole thirteen. They give experimental music a bad name. There needs to be a rethink to their whole approach.