A slice of indie dance from the Faff

‘That’s a Nice Glove’ is a slice of Indie dance as you have never heard it before. Brought to you as the debut single by The Faff, a name in its own right that will be remembered, this is quite a debut.

The melodies of this up-tempo number are drenched with synth guitars and soak up a vigorous bass line, while the dynamic vocals set the melodies swarming around the dance floor. This song makes an impact for the merging of dance beats and indie riffs. But, before you come to think of this is a one off as a distinctive and unique creation that can never be repeated, the second track on the CD, ‘Halves ‘n’ Halves ‘n’ Halves’ is just as remarkable as the first.

As a listener, don’t expect to be astonished by the song, but be thankful for an indie tune to be able to move your body along to on the dance floor after a few drinks.