The Rotted

The band formerly known as Goreotted have finally ditched their blood stained shirts for something a little bit more accessible….Ok, well I wouldn’t exactly call it accessible, I’d call it a lesser of two evils…and I think that’s being kind.

This UK extreme death metal act now known as The Rotted have unleashed (and that’s certainly used in a non cliché manner) an album that’s capable of actually tearing your ear drums, it’s migraine inducing stuff and ear plugs will certainly not help you here. The album in question ‘Get Dead Or Die Trying’ is a beast of a record. It’s one absolutely punishing and ferocious onslaught of pure hatred.

On first listen I pass this album off as unimaginative grindcore, on second listen however I hear an element of substance. I notice that there’s a lot more thought thrown in that previously suspected. There’s the death and black metal of course, but there’s also some thrash, some hardcore and some punk thrown into the pot too. In places I actually found myself liking the riffs, the energy and the pace, in others though I just wanted it to end.

After doing a little research and baring the ‘noise’ that was The Rotted’s former self I see that the band have actually tightened themselves up. They seem to have become more focused, more tuned in to what sound is actually coming out the other end, I like the fact that you can actually distinguish between the bass, the beats and the guitars. I also like the fact that you can just about hear those screeching vocals.

Without a doubt this new direction The Rotted seem to have taken has indeed altered their sound, they’ve gone for a more extreme punkier approach and I believe this has given them a more edgier appeal, it’s less terrifying for a start, … well just a little.

I can’t quite say I liked ‘Get Dead….’ I think it’s still very far from anything I would feed my eardrums, but I can tell there are elements that make it appealing, as for anyone else, give The Rotted fresh ears, the band is in a new incarnation now.